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सर्वश्रेस्ट ग्राम

दलहपहाड़ (अकलतरा)

देश India
राज्य Chhattisgarh
भाषा छत्तिसगढ़ी, हिन्दी, इंग्लिश
जनसंख्या 1,620,632(2011 के आधार पर)
क्षेत्रफल 4,467 वर्ग कि॰मी॰
वेब साइट
पिन कोड 495668
दूरभाष कोड 07817
गाड़ी कोड CG-11
तहसील 1.Janjgir

Janjgir-Champa district was established on 25 May 1998. The district Janjgir-Champa is situated in the center of Chhatisgarh and so it is considered as Heart of Chhattisgarh. The District Head Quarter Janjgir of the district Janjgir-Champa is the city of Maharaja Jajawalya Dev of Kulchury dynasty. The Janjgir-Champa district is a major producer of Food Grains in the state.
The District from the head-qict derives its quarter town name of Durg which has also been the headquarters of one of the Garhs. The origin name was Shiva Durg.
The Hasdeobango project has been considered as life supporting canal for the district Janjgir-Champa. Under this project 3/4th area of the district will be covered for irrigation. The District Head Quarter of Janjgir-Champa is in Janjgir , which is situated on National Highway 200. Janjgir is 65 KM. away from Bilaspur and 175 KM from State capital Raipur through road route.
District head quarter Janjgir is also connected with Rail Line of South-Eastern Railway. It is situated on Hawarah-Mumbai main line. State capital Raipur is 152 KM. from Janjgir through Rail route. The railway station of district Janjgir is Naila and Champa.

Place of Interest

Vishnu Mandir: The kings of the Hayhay dynasty began construction of this temple, in 2 parts, in the 12 th century, but did not complete it, and the still incomplete temple can be seen near Bhima Talab.
Pithampur Shiv Mandir: Also known as Kaleshwarnath Mandir, this is on the banks of the river Hasdeo. A 10 day fair is organized here during Mahashivratri. Every year, on Rang Panchami, Naga saints participate in the enactment of the marriage procession of Lord Shiva.
Madanpurgarh Devi Mandir: This temple is also on the banks of the Hasdeo river. The festival of Navratri is celebrated here every year.
Ghatadai (Paharia) Tripur Sundar Devi: This temple, dedicated to Tripur Sundar Devi, is surrounded by forests and mountains.
Kanhara: A beautiful picnic spot situated on the banks of the Lilagar river.
Shivarinarayan Laxminarayan Temple: This 11th century Vaishnava temple was built by the kings of the Hayhay dynasty on the banks of the Mahanadi river, at Shivarinarayan Nagar. It is believed that Shabri Ashram, mentioned in the epic Ramayana, was located here. During Magh Purnima a fair is organized here.
Kharud Nagar Laxmaneshwar Temple: The locals believe this temple was built by and named after laxman, the younger brother of Lord Rama, the central character of the epic Ramayana.
Dewarghata: The confluence of the Mahanadi, Lilagar and Shivnath rivers, this is a popular picnic spot.
Turridham Shiva Temple: A 3 day mela (fair) is organized at this temple every year on Mahashivratri.
Damudhara (Rishabtirth): This has has natural waterfalls, caves, the Ram-Janki Temple, Radha-Krishan Temple and Rishavdev Temple.
Adbhar Ashtbhuji Temple: This is an ancient temple of Goddess Devi with eight hands. The Jyoti Kalash are lit here on Navaratri.
Chandrahasini Devi Temple: Situated on the banks of the Mahanadi river, this is popular as both a pilgrimage place as well as a tourist spot. A big mela (fair) is organized here every year on the eve of Navaratri.