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देश India
राज्य Chhattisgarh
भाषा छत्तिसगढ़ी, हिन्दी, इंग्लिश
जनसंख्या 7,48,593 (2011 के आधार पर )
क्षेत्रफल 6,506 वर्ग किलोमीटर
वेब साइट
पिन कोड 494334
दूरभाष कोड
गाड़ी कोड CG-19
तहसील 1.Kanker
2.Kanker Town

Kanker district is situated in the southern region of the state Chhattisgarh. Previously Kanker was a part of old Bastar district. But in 1999 Kanker got it's identity as a independent district. Now it is surrounded by four districts of chhattisgarh state, named Bastar, Dhamtari, Durg and Rajnandgaon. Kanker is situated within the longitudes 20.6-20.24 and latitudes 80.48-81.48. the total area of the district is 5285.01 suare kilometers. Small hilly pockets are seen throughout the area and increase the beauty. mainly the five rivers flow in the district named- doodh river, Mahanadi, Hatkul river, sindur river and Turu river.
The Kanker is situated on the National Highway number 43. It lies between the two well developed cities of Chhattisgarh named Raipur (Capital of Chhattisgarh) and Jagdalpur. The Kanker is 140 kilometers away from Raipur and 160 Kilometers from Jagadalpur. A lot of Roadways and Private buses as well as taxis are available on this national Highway. Presently railway is not available in the district.
At present the Kanker district has 6 tehsils named Kanker, Charama, Narharpur, Bhanupratappur, Antagarh and Pakhanjoor and 7 blocks named Kanker, charama, bhanupratapur, Narharpurn Antagarh, Durgu kondal and Koyali beda. The total number of villages is 1074. The number of revenue villages is 988, whereas forest villages are 47. The nuber of Gram Panchayats is 362. The literacy percentage in district is 74.71 and the total population of the district is 651333. The ratio of male female is 106. The density of population is 100 per square kolometer.

Place of Interest

Gadiya Mountain: A natural form of a fort, this mountain has a tank that never dries. The tank is named Sonai-Rupai after the daughters of the Kandra king, Dharma Dev, who established his capital on the mountain. To the south of the tank is a cave, Churi Pagar, which provided safe refuge to the King, his family and 500 people in case of attack. Towards the southeast part of the mountain is a 50 meter long cave, Jogi Cave, where monks used to meditate. A small pond in this cave flows over the rocks like a waterfall. The Doodh river flows at the bottom of the mountain. Thousands of devotees celebrate Mahashivratri by climbing this mountain.
Malanjhkudum Waterfalls: These 3 falls, 10, 15 and 9 meters in height, 15 km from Kanker, on the Doodh river, make for a superb picnic spot. There is a road to the falls.
Charre-Marre Waterfall: A 16 meter high, zig zag waterfall on the Jogi river, 17 km from Antagarh, on the way to Aamabera.
Shivani Temple: This temple has one of just 2 statues in the world that is half Goddess Kali and half Goddess Durga. The other one is in Kolkata. The Navarathri festival is celebrated enthusiastically in this temple.
Madai Festival: This tribal festival is celebrated by the tribes of Kanker and Bastar regions, to worship the local God(dess). It travels through the Kanker, Bastar and Dantewada regions from December to March each year. In December, celebrations start in Bastar to honour the goddess Kesharpal Kesharpalin Devi. In January, the people of Kanker, Charama and Kurna celebrate the festival. In February the festival goes back to Bastar and Cheri-Chher-Kin is honoured this time. Towards the end of February, the festival goes to Antagarh, Narayanpur and Bhanupratappur. In March it goes to Kondagaon, Keshkal and Bhopalpattanam. It is held in a big ground, so that thousands of people can attend the ceremony, which starts with a procession of the local God(dess), followed by worhip of the same, culminating in cultural programs, dancing and lots of good food.