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देश India
राज्य Chhattisgarh
भाषा छत्तिसगढ़ी, हिन्दी, इंग्लिश
जनसंख्या 6,59,039 (2011 के आधार पर)
क्षेत्रफल 5978 वर्ग किलोमीटर
वेब साइट
पिन कोड
दूरभाष कोड
गाड़ी कोड
तहसील 1.Bharatpur

Koriya district is a district of Chhattisgarh. The District came into existence on 25th May 1998 in Madhya Pradesh State. Its parent District was Surguja. After the formation of New State of Chhattisgarh on 1st November 2000, the District falls under the Chhattisgarh State. The District has derived its Name from the Korea State, the former princely State Korea.The town of Koriya is about 369 km away from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh.
Koriya district covers an area of 5977 sq. km and lies between North latitudes 22.56 and 23.48. and East longitudes 81.56. to 82.47. with population of 585455 as per 2001 census. The District is bounded on the North by Sidhi District of Madhya Pradesh, on the South by Bilaspur Districts on the East by its parent District Surguja and on the West by Shahdol District of Madhya Pradesh. The District is a vast mass of Hill Ranges. The General Height of the lower table land is 1800 feet above Sea Level. The Sonhat Plateau has a maximum Elevation of 2477 feet. The Highest Peak in the District is Deogarh, which is 3370 feet. About 60% of the geographical area is covered by forests.

Place of Interest

Amrit Dhara Water fall: This is extremely beautiful natural waterfall on the Hasdo River. It is about seven kms. far away from Nagpur on the Manendragarh-Baikunthpur Road. Height of water fall is about 80-90 feets. and width is about 10-15 feets. It creates a beautiful cloudy atmosphere around the fall. In 1936, Ramanuj Pratap Singh Judeo, King of Koriya State, started a Mela (fare) on Mahashiv Ratri duration that is follow by people of Koriya today also. Shiva's Temple is also added the extra beauty of this place.
Ramdaha Water fall: This is another natural water fall in the District Korea .About 160 Kms. far away from Baikunthpur ,this fall is situated on the Banas river near the Bhavarkhoh village .Hight of this water fall is about 100-120 fts.and width is about 20-25 fts.Forests ,rocks add extra beauty to the spot.
Gavar Ghat Water fall: This is the another natural water fall in Korea.About 40 kms. from Baikunthpur this fall is situated on the Hasdo river about 5 kms. from Tarra village . Height of this water fall is nearly 50-60 feets and width about 10 fts. This area is full of forests and rocks.
Akuri Nala: This is called the natural AC of Korea district. About 65 kms. from Baikunthpur near Bansipur village this place exist. Small water fall is also there .About 100 mt. area is covered from both sides by rocks . In side people can walk freely. Water drops are continuosly drop there in summer season. anybody can bath from these drops. There are also naturare are also natural rops in that area by using that one can hang and enjoy with water drops . On extreme summer this place is very cold. The surrounding area is full of forests and rocks.