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20-year-old girl commits suicide

A 20 year old girl of Khaprabhatti area in Amapara committed suicide in her house on the intervening night of Thursday-Friday. The incident came to light at about 4:00 a.m. on Friday when his father woke up and heard the alarm buzzing constantly in his daughter's room.

According to police, deceased Riya Kesarwani (20) was daughter of a vegetable seller Ganesh Kesarwani and was pursuing her Charted Accountant (CA) course since last two years. However she could not clear a single paper in this duration and it was this depression that forced her to commit suicide. This has come to light in the three-page suicide letter recovered by police on its arrival at the spot.
It has since been reported that Ganesh Kesarwani has the habit of regularly getting up from sleep at 4:00 a.m. and it was around this time his daughter too used to get up.

However on Friday when Ganesh woke up from his sleep, he was surprised to hear the alarm buzzing constantly in Riya's room. Finding it very uncommon, he went upstairs to her room but was even surprised to find her missing from there. He then went up further to the second floor of the house where he found her hanging from the ceiling. A completely shocked Ganesh immediately started shouting for help after which other family members and couple of neigbours also arrived at the spot and got down Riya’s body hoping that there might be some life left in her but it was too late by then and she was already dead. The incident was then reported to Saraswati Nagar police station from where a patrolling rushed to the spot and conducted a thorough inspection of the spot as well as the deceased’s room from where a three-page suicide letter was recovered in which she had claimed her repeated failure to clear through the CA examination as the main and sole reason of committing suicide. She had also cited causing extreme financial distress to her father due to her clamour of pursuing CA course. Police later shifted the body to hospital for a post-mortem following which it has been handed back to the relatives and now further investigation in this regard is reported to be underway.

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