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Rough Way to maintained public toilet at bus stand

Most passengers fear to tread anywhere near most toilet complexes at bus stand in block because of the unkempt premises and dysfunctional amenities. The situation is no better in most pay-and-use toilets either.

Take the case of Nagar Panchayat bus stand, which is frequented by hundreds of passengers each day. People have to put up with the stench emanating from the interiors because of improper cleaning. Many of these toilets and their precincts are ill-lit, making them a haven for anti-social elements at night.

According to reports, neglect of the bus stand reflects apathy of authorities that has left much of the public utility space littered with trash and garbage raising questions about maintenance of hygienic conditions before diseases could break out. Most unhygienic, no tap or water, no latches on the door, stained toilet bowl, beer bottles and cigarette butts thrown around, pan spit all over and above all, unbearable stench is the definition of pay and use toilets in Bhatgaon.
It is worth mentioning that the world celebrates sanitation day every year and even the government have launched several programmes to construct toilets at each and every home and keep the surroundings clean but it seems that the block is still lying untouched with these policies, forcing people to attend nature’s call in open area.
The passengers in this regard stated that open urination causes an odour that is unbearable and pose health hazards to the public but with no option left people are forced to attend nature call in open. The women suffer most as the washrooms stink like hell. No one can dare to enter inside.

"Using public toilet is a distant issue. We cannot even stand near this complex as it stinks. The stench is intolerable," says another passenger.

Passengers, visitors and shopkeepers via release have requested concerned authorities to pay necessary heed in this matter and ensure that the sweepers clean public toilets daily.

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