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Now trees of Bilaspur being cut

On pretext of broadening and beatification the district administration started cutting trees on sides of Vyapar Vihar road on Sunday. As many as 22 green trees were felled by a team of forest department. Convening a secret meeting, as it was done in cutting trees on Link Road, the day before the district administration had planned it but did not divulge about their plan of cutting trees the next day. It was hinted that the Municipal Corporation was preparing for broadening and beatification of Vyapar Vihar road from Maharana Pratap Chowk.

The district administration had told that around 44 trees on the road were causing hurdles. Following instruction from the district administration, the forest department had carried out survey of the trees on the road and its report was produced to the collector and MC commissioner during the meeting.It is worth noting here that the district administration had held a secret meeting for cutting trees on Link Road. Following the same procedure a meeting was held on Saturday and trees were started to be cut on Sunday. After two consecutive days of cutting the trees, the high court had stayed the cutting of trees there. But, by then, the team of forest department had felled 17 big and green trees. The cutting of trees started causing discomfiture to the residents of the area.

The electricity supply was disconnected since morning. As the cable of Airtel was cut, the telephone service of above 1200 connections was disrupted. In lack of electricity supply, the water supply to the houses of that area did also lay in mess.

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