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Youth arrested for murdering friend in Gudhiyari

Gudhiyari police on Wednesday arrested a 25 year old youth for allegedly murdering his friend in Gudhiyari over alleged illicit relationship with a married woman residing in the neighbourhood. The deceased was actually murdered on the night of February 5 itself, and, his body was dumped in a swampy land some 150 meters away from his rented house on the same night. However the body was recovered on Wednesday morning only and it was after that the suspect confessed of his crime whereas he was in police custody since February 15.

According to police, deceased Pushparaj Singh (32) of Maihar in Satna was an engineer and was presently working in Siltara based M/s. Sneha Steel. Having come to the city about two years back, Pushparaj has been residing in a rented house in Lodhipara area of Pahadi Chowk where accused Anil Singh (25) of Rampur in Satna district was already a tenant. Both of them had been friends since pursuing their BE in Bhopal where they both were in the same college.

Few months after Pushparaj came to Raipur, Anil left his job here and moved to Bilaspur with a new job. Working there for about six months, he then moved to Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh about a year back to join M/s. Trimool Power & Ispat.

Though Anil had moved away from Raipur since taking up a job in Bilaspur, he was a frequent visitor to Raipur and during all those visits he had been staying with Pushparaj.

However their relation strained recently when Anil came to know that Pushparaj has developed relationship with the same married neighbour with whom (Anil) was having an illicit relationship during his stay over here.

Owning to this reason, Anil reportedly killed Pushparaj on the night of February 5 by electrocuting him in sleep. Hereafter he dragged his body to a swampy land about 150 meters away from the residence and abandoned it there. This is what he has stated to police in his confession.
However it remains highly suspicious that how come a man will not wake up when he was being electrocuted?

It is being anticipated that Anil might have either drugged him earlier or would have strangulated him first before electrocuting him. Also it is matter of great suspicion that how he alone dragged his body to about 150 meters away from the residence, and that too from the first floor of the rented house, without being coming to anyone's notice at all?

Meanwhile Pushparaj's family members lodged a missing person complaint in Gudhiyari on April 13 after they became suspicious for not receiving any call from him since February 4.

Further investigation revealed that Anil had come to Raipur on February 4 and had returned back on February 7 telling the house owner about he is now aware where Pushparaj had gone.

It was owing to this statement of the house owner that police called Anil to Raipur on February 15 for interrogation but he ultimately confessed his crime only on Wednesday after the body was recovered.

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