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Truck crushes three school going sisters at Urla

Three sisters riding a scooty and heading towards their school on Monday morning were crushed by a truck resulting in on the spot death of the eldest of them and severely injuring the other two. The accused truck driver has since been taken into custody and further investigation is now underway in this regard. In the meantime, condition of both the injured sisters has improved considerably though they continue to be under constant medical supervision in Ambedkar Hospital.

According to police, all three daughters of Rawanbhata based transporter Nandlal Sao were heading towards their school in Urla riding a scooty CG04-KY-6466 on Monday morning. Driven by the eldest of them Pooja (18), a student of class 12th in Anant School, when the girls were passing through Pepsi company in Urla-Birgaon road, they tried to overtake a truck OR15-S-7795 at about 11:45 a.m. At the very moment another heavy vehicle came from the front and seeing that approaching vehicle, Pooja applied brake so as to avoid coming before it. However this act of her loosened her control over the bike and the vehicle came under the rear wheels of the truck she was trying to overtake.

This resulted in both of her sisters, Poonam (14) and Priti (13) studying in class 9th and sitting behind, being thrown off of the bike but she got trapped under the wheels and was crushed to death on the spot.

Locals immediately intercepted the truck and its driver Sudhakar Deori (42) of Angul was prevented from escaping. He was later handed over to Urla police who reached at that spot soon after being intimated about the accident.

Both the injured girls were immediately sent to Ambedkar hospital where they are now undergoing treatment in the trauma centre.
Urla police in the meantime has registered an offence under Section 279, 337, 304A IPC against the arrested truck driver who reportedly was in a completely inebriated condition at the time of this accident.

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