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Inferior healthcare facilities in ayurvedic hospital

The anger about the crumbling health infrastructure is justified if one takes a look at the increasing number of patients in district.
According to reports, the ayurvedic hospital is in pathetic state and even after complaints to proper attention is being paid. Locals in this regard stated that there is always scarcity of medicines in district hospital as a result of which the poor are forced to buy it from private shops at high rates. They ahead mentioned that there are heaps of garbage all over hospital but the concerned authorities are not having time to take some action. Hospital, a place where patients are given treatment is now becoming a breeding ground of mosquitoes.
The sources informed that ample amount of medicine is provided in hospital but the officers just for their selfish motive sale it in the market and pocket money. Doctors, compounders, servants and others have nothing to do with the responsibility towards job, they are only interested in their salary and nothing more.

Ayurvedic officer Sunil Das mentioned that the hospital is being executed smoothly and no such problems exist there. Government is not providing medicines in sufficient quantity therefore sometimes poor people face problem, he added.

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