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Youth duped of Rs 18000 inside bank

A 25 year old youth of Tatibandh was duped of Rs 18000 inside the local branch of State Bank of India by two frauds of his age who succeeded in exchanging with him his cash for a bundle of paper neatly cut in shape of currency notes. The fraud came to light only after both the frauds had fled from the spot a long time ago. The victim then reached Amanaka police station and lodged a complaint with regards to the incident following which police has registered an offence under Section 420, 34 IPC against both the unidentified frauds and is now investigating the matter further.

Talking to media late on Thursday evening in Police Control Room, ASP (City) Neeraj Chandrakar said that complainant Ajeet Singh (25) of Tatibandh had come to deposit Rs 18000 in his brother’s account in Tatibandh branch of State Bank of India where he met two youths of his age. Both those youths were overly friendly and soon managed to lure Ajeet into believing them that they were carrying Rs 1 lakh concealed in a piece of cloth. After passing some time inside the bank, both those youths brought Ajeet out of the bank premises where they reportedly exchanged their Rs 1 lakh with Ajeet’s Rs 18000 on pretext of urgently giving that much amount to someone. They also asked him to wait for them with the balance money after depositing his Rs 18000 from that bundle of Rs 1 lakh.

However after telling police this story, Ajeet got confused and started saying that the cash was exchanged with him inside the bank itself and he was probably hypnotised by the duo as well.

It was this repeated flip-flop in his statement that police initially suspected him only of cooking some story but later when they checked the CCTV recording of bank premises it was confirmed that he was surrounded by two persons inside the bank and was also seen coming out of the bank with them in a very strange state of mind.

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