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Tipper, two machines torched by Naxals

Three kilometres from Kukanar police station of the district, in broad day light Naxalites on National Highway 30 which is under construction, torched the tipper, tar paver machine and vibro-roller. The supervisor Anil Barman presented on the spot was physically assaulted and asked to stop the work. The incident is on Thursday at 1.15 pm.

Supervisor Anil Barman said that at around 1.00 pm more than three dozen of armed Naxals and three armed by bows reached the spot and instructed to stop the work. All the mobiles of the workers were collected at one place and asked to sit on road side. Two Naxals came forward and assaulted them using foul language instructing to stop the work. They warned of consequences if the work is resumed. The other group broke the diesel tank of the tipper and then sprayed in on the machines and set them on fire. No security was provided during the work.
It is said that without security the work was in progress while government and administration had directed to provide enough security for the construction work of road. Even then just three kilometres from Police station, the incident had occurred.

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