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Commissioner annoyed over lack of cleaning in Shastri Market

The Municipal Commissioner RMC Avneesh Kumar Saran conducted surprise inspection of city’s vegetable market in Shastri Bazaar here on Thursday morning and finding heap of garbage imposed penalty of Rs 1 lakh against Kiwar Company. After this he visited Zone 6, 3 and 7 of RMC and saw the cleanliness work in different wards. Here also finding poor sanitation and lack of cleanliness, he came down heavily against the Health Officer Dr Amrit Chopda and Zone health officers of the three Zones and directed them to spruce up the working.

The Municipal Commissioner conducted surprise visit of Shastri Bazaar vegetable market at around 8:30 am. Here a total of 11 departmental employee of RMC and 5 sanitation workers of Kiwar Company were working. Despite this there was foul smell all over the market area and on asking about this smell the Commissioner was informed that the Company’s employees have stopped lifting the garbage during night hours for last seven days. Since the market is active during morning hours so no cleaning can be carried out and therefore it has resulted in huge pile of garbage and stale vegetables causing nauseating smell in the dumping area and in some parts of the market.

On this report the Commissioner directly ordered to impose penalty of Rs 1 lakh against the Kiwar Company and directed the health officer Dr Chopda to employ ten more sanitation workers to carry out cleaning during night hours.

After this the Commissioner visited different wards of Zone 3, 6 and 7. On this occasion the in-Charge Solid-waste management of RMC AK Malve was also present. He informed that the presence of sanitation employees in the wards was nearly non-existent. It is notable that the Commissioner had directed all the health officer to appoint 10 sanitation employees in each ward about ten days back and till date 420 sanitation employees have been booked. During inspection it was found that the number of sanitation employees is not sufficient.

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