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Three employees in Mining Office fall victim to ATM crime

Increasing use of ATMs and internet banking has made it possible for the criminals to device various scams. In latest example of ATM crime, three employees in Mining Office here have lost total amount of Rs 2 lakh from their accounts on different dates in the last one month period. Surprisingly they did not get any alert messages or calls on their phones before they fell victim to ATM crime. After withdrawal of their money they received message about debited amount on their accounts. Though they did not lose their ATM cards, yet they received messages about withdrawal of money from ATMs in other locations.

The victims to ATM crime are Amil Sharma, Deputy Director in Mining Office, Sumita Khare and Kumendra Chandrakar. All three work in mining office and have salary accounts in Bank of India, Telibandha. Sumita Khare is the largest victim to ATM crime as she lost around Rs 1.25 lakh through thirteen transactions on October 25, 26, 27 and 28.

Her husband Mr Khare who also works in Mining Office and has his salary account in Bank of India Telibandha says since maximum limit of withdrawal is Rs 25000, a total amount of Rs 1.25 lakh was withdrawn through 13 transactions from October 25 to 28. He said that the bank management was shocked over incidents of withdrawal of money.

Anil Sharma who is deputy director in mining office is another victim to ATM crime. He lost Rs 50000 from his account on September 18. He got to know about withdrawal of Rs 25000 before 12 am and Rs 25000 after 12 am from SBI ATM in Santacruz Mumbai and Axis Bank ATM in Mumbai even as he was in Raipur at the time when his money was withdrawn.

Kumendra Chandrakar who works as surveyor in mining office too fell victim to ATM crime. He lost Rs 17000 through two transactions one from SBI ATM Opera House Mumbai and another from Yes Bank ATM in Mumbai on October 3.

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