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Hyva hits Tata Magic, two hospitalized

A Tata Magic with two youths in it was hit by a Hyva driven carelessly fast. The youths in the Tata Magic were seriously injured in the incident and hospitalized. Police, on receiving information, reached on the spot. The driver was allegedly caught by the police but later neither he nor the HYVA was seen.

As per the information received, Guddu Dhruv and T. Manoj, both residents of Devrikhurd were coming towards the city in Tata Magic at noon hours. As they reached near Devrikhurd, their vehicle was hit by a HYVA coming, speeding fast allegedly driven carelessly. Both the youths were seriously injured in the incident. Having received the information, Torva police reached on the spot. Both the injured were rushed to District Hospital for treatment in Sanjeevani 108. From there they have been referred to CIMS in view of their serious condition. The doctors in CIMS say that one of the youths is in critical state.
One of the injured youth told that the police had reached on the spot immediately after the incident. Police had also caught the driver of HYVA but after some time neither the driver nor the HYVA was seen. Police has denied the allegation.

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